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Hello! I'm Xiaoyu


I'm in my first year as a graduate student in Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology (SSPB) program at Rice University. 

My research interest spans widely across multiple areas, including Systems Biology, Synthetic biology and neuroengineering. My ultimate (and probably unrealistic) dream is to design a living system/(organism) with varies types of cells and molecules, where components collaborate with each other in well-controlled way and are able to response to outer stimuli.

​Please feel free to contact me at and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions on my works or my lab experiences.

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Xiaoyu LU (Helen)

Rice University
Systems, Synthetic and Physical Biology


+86 13801025330

Email: (permanent)


2410 Shakespeare St., mailbox 128

Houston, TX, 77030

Date of Birth:

May 3rd, 1995

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